Elements of a Quality Lesson - Objectives: Observable Behaviors

Learn how to write a better objective! Within your objective, you must define an observable behavior on the part of the student. Watch this brief video to learn how.

We want to know how you plan to use learning objectives in your lessons! Please leave a comment in this forum to share your best practices with the community.

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Submitted by Lindy George Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer on Mar. 12, 2011

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New Graphic Organizer pack

I'm a brand new newbie. My mimio has been set up for 2 days. I'm trying to start doing objectives the way you all do them so that I can teach my fellow teachers (computer teacher here).

So, I'm looking all around for info and watching every video. I tried to import quality lessons and I'm pretty sure it is empty.

Where do I get the "New Graphic Organizer" pack?

  • Posted:
    May. 16, 2016
Posted by
Mary Crews
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New Graphic Organizer pack

Good Morning Mary and welcome to Mimio! Thank you for taking so much time to learn all you can about how to use all of the amazing Mimio tools in your classroom and to support your colleagues! They are so lucky to have you!!

The New Graphic Organizer pack can be found at the following link:

You can also go to the top right corner of the MimioConnect screen and type it in the search.

Note that this is a "pack" also known as a "Gallery". That means that when you download the pack and click open, it places all of the content of the pack into your Gallery. After downloading the pack you can access it by simply opening your Mimio Gallery from your floating toolbar (if not already open) and clicking on the plus sign to expand the Gallery and /or the Imported Content Packs folder with the Gallery. Locate the New Graphic Organizer Pack in the list. Click on any of the folders within the pack and the images and templates will be visible at the bottom. Now you can drag any of the templates to a blank Mimio page and add any additional content.

I hope that helps get you moving forward. Mimio offers many free online Quick Learning session that will also help support your learning. Here is the link:

Happy Mimio-ing!!
Lindy George

  • Posted:
    May. 22, 2016
Lindy George
Posted by
Lindy George
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Great reinforcement

As a trainer (and former teacher) it can sometimes be a challenge to present pedagogical information to teachers since I am no longer technically "teaching." This video is a great way to reinforce what I really want my faculty to strive to do in their classrooms.
Great resource- thank you!

  • Posted:
    Oct. 18, 2012
Posted by
Lisa Webb
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Learning Objectives

This video will be a great source for me to share with my new Mimio customers. The whole point is to have the kids interact and the objective tells them how you want them to do that.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 23, 2012
Posted by
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Learning Objectives

I think it is wonderful that Mimio is promoting adding learning objectives with such force. In my classroom I write the objectives on the board, but I teach various classes throughout the day and the objectives for each class get jumbled. I like the idea of the objective right on the mimio slide so that it becomes a "real-time" learning objective. Keeping it in the mimio slide I am working on makes so much sense and when I pull a different lesson for a different class, there is no confusion for the kids which objective they are working on/towards.
Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 10, 2012
Posted by
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I can't agree with you more! At my school we are trying to push towards having the objective up. At first I forgot to write it half of the time, I asked my students to help me remember and I found out they actually were grateful for it. They love knowing what will be covered and they like having clear what is expected of them by the end of the lesson. It is now an important part of our routine and having it ready in the slide is so helpful. It also forces you to think if the slide is really adding to the class or not. It has helped me keep my focus when planning my lessons.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 14, 2012
Posted by
Susanne Artiñano
Downloads: 21

I am very glad that the

I am very glad that the quality learning objectives include observable student behavior. This is often omitted in other criteria for quality IWB files. Unless IWB are truly teaching and learning tools, and are used as presentation evices, they defeat the purpose.
In this case, another way to assess student behavior is for the student to create a before/after problem and add to the INK file.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 27, 2011
Posted by
Susanna Garza
Downloads: 119

Will be revising

In my school, we are asked to write our objectives for our classes on the board so that students can see them when they walk in and begin class. I did not really think about including them on my .ink files but I can see that I really should so that even with the fun of using mimio my students will be thinking about what they should be walking away with when the lesson is over.
Thank for sharing.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 27, 2011
Posted by
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I agree that it is really

I agree that it is really helpful to view lessons that include objectives because they clarify purpose. I host university student teachers and mentor first year teachers and I must model how to not only write excellent objectives for lessons, but also explicitly initiate and close every lesson.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 26, 2011
Posted by
Brandy Gadoury
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Writing clear objectives is intimidating, but I know that if my objectives are clear then my lessons will be effective. Thank you for providing a tool that will help me write better objectives for my lessons.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 25, 2011
Posted by
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Lesson Objectives

Thank you for this lesson tip! I have used the objective box in some of my lessons and it is very helpful. It is something that our administrators are definitely looking for.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 24, 2011
Posted by
Denise Douglas
Downloads: 146

Learning Objectives

There are many things I like about lessons that have objectives. You know what the students are going to be learning, what the activity is, and HOW the activity is to be completed. To often you have lessons that you are left wondering what you are supposed to do with it. Objectives eliminate that question.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 21, 2011
Posted by
Angela Crescenzo
Downloads: 702

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